What Yogurt Should You Choose?


So you walk into the grocery store with the *intention* of buying some healthy yogurt.  You’re trying to eat clean, after all.

Down the dairy aisle you go until you arrive at the yogurt section, and then you are faced with this:

how to choose a good yogurt for clean eating

Oh the choices to be made in the yogurt aisle.


What the heck??  Which one to choose?  There are millions.

And then you spot this one…. mmmm, strawberry.  “Oh my goodness, I LOVE strawberries.  Let’s get this one.  It even says 98% fat free on it.  Hallelujah, I’ve found “the one.” “


strawberry yogurt

Mmmmm, sweet strawberry yogurt


Nope, sorry, you’ve struck out.  “Why?,” you ask.

Well, turn it over and look at the nutritional facts on the back.  Although it’s fat-free, it has 27 grams of sugar per serving, and unfortunately, sugar makes you fat.  Why?

The simple, not-too-scientific explanation is that when you eat stuff that’s high in sugar, your pancreas produces more insulin, which causes your body to store fat.  And it gets worse… the bigger you get, the more insulin your body makes, which in turn makes you even fatter.  Sucks.

(The other cons to sugar are that it has zero nutritional value, weakens your immune system, throws off your metabolic functions, and is very addictive.  It also grows cancer, gives you wrinkles, makes you stupid (affects memory/recall), and makes you tired.  True story.)

So the “healthy” strawberry yogurt you just bought and are shoving down your trap is actually working against you.

What yogurt to choose then?  May I suggest Greek yogurt?  It has only 4.9 grams of sugar per serving, and the bonus is that it has 17 grams of protein, which is amazing for your body, especially after working out.  You really want to choose foods that are 8 grams of sugar per serving (or less), which will keep your body from having insulin spikes.


greek yogurt

Greek yogurt vs. Greek STYLE yogurt… there’s a difference


But be careful… you want to choose the Greek yogurt, not the Greek style yogurt which is a bit higher in sugar and much lower in protein.  Check out the above pic to see the difference.

Happy yogurt shopping 🙂


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