What is Clean Eating?

Ever wondered what’s meant by the term “clean eating”?

Clean eating basically means eating foods that are unprocessed and don’t have additives.  The best way to tell whether a food is clean or not is to check its ingredients list.  If there are heaps of hard-to-pronounce ingredients in there, plus sugar, color, flavoring, and preservatives, you can bet  it’s NOT clean, and therefore not great for your body.  Basically, the fewer ingredients there are, the more likely it is to be clean.

Foods with no labels at all like fruits & vegetables, eggs, lean organic meat, and whole grains (non-GMO) are most definitely clean, and are the absolute best things for you to be eating.

Take a look at this video for some examples:



So why eat clean?  Well, if you do it consistently, you will notice that you feel sooo much better, have more energy, and will be able to lose weight more quickly when you’re working out.  The thing is that so many packaged foods are not clean, so you really gotta watch what you put into your body.

celery sticks

When in doubt, go for simplicity


If you’re ever in doubt about whether or not a certain food is clean, remember that the less ingredients something has, the higher probability of it being clean.

Celery sticks, for example, work great.  So do hard-boiled eggs, fruits, non-roasted nuts, etc.

Now I know that eating one-ingredient stuff would get ultra-boring pretty quick and it’s not like you’d want to serve up a plate of celery as meal, so check out these clean eating recipes for more ideas.



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