This Is Why You’re Fat book review

This is Why You're Fat

The book’s cover

“This is Why You’re Fat” is a pretty offensive book title… which is probably what prompted me to pick it up off the bookstore’s shelf in the first place.  Intrigued after flipping through a few pages, I bought it.

That was in Vancouver in January 2011, right before flying home to Australia where there was one of the worst floods in history, causing us to be flooded in for a week without electricity or internet.  Suddenly I found myself with a heap of extra time on my hands to read the book cover to cover and take notes.

The author, Jackie Warner, is the grand-daughter of Jack Warner, one of the original Warner brothers who made movies.  Take a look at the picture and guess how old she is.  28?  30?  34?  Nope… she’s 42.  Incredible, eh?

Anyone who looks like this has my attention, and can probably give some pretty good fitness and nutrition advice… which is exactly what the book was about.  Overall, I highly recommend you get your hands on a copy of this book.

It covers hormones that make you fat and thin, what sugar does to your body (scary stuff), things that destroy your organs, foods to add to your daily intake, what to eat and how much of it, plus a bunch of workouts and recipes and meal plans.

It made such an impact that I right away started keeping a food journal/chart to check that I was getting the right amount of carbs, fats, and proteins.  I only did it for 2 weeks, but this was the kick in the pants I needed to make sure I was on the right track.  Here’s what my chart looked like:


food journal chart

Columns for proteins, carbs (different kinds), and fats


Again, if you’re at all interested in sticking to a clean and healthy diet, exercising, or looking remotely like Jackie Warner, I highly recommend you get a copy of this book ASAP. Also, I promise you it’ll be a great conversation-starter with everyone who comes over and sees this book on your bookshelf… (I speak from experience) 😉


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  • Joana says:

    Corinna, it is a pretty unique book title, but it must be a good book,. very interesting, I´ll look to see if I can find it here in Brazil.

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