Super Nudie Breakfast Juice Review

Super Nudie Breakfast Juice

contains apple, banana, chia seeds, and cinnamon

I picked up this Super Nudie Breakfast Juice at the grocery store on my last trip… it wasn’t on my list, but when I first spied it, I thought it’d be good to sip on before early morning bootcamps this week.  Here’s a quick review:


-It’s unprocessed, whole, and natural… the only ingredients are pressed apples, mashed bananas, chia seeds, and cinnamon, with no additives, preservatives, colourings, flavourings, or added sugar… exactly what we’re after in clean eating

-It tastes great

-It’s way quicker than making a smoothie, especially if you’re out the door early in the morning and don’t want to wake your tribe with an uber-noisy blender



-it was expensive… $5 for 750 mL

-the chia seeds make up only 3% of it… I’d like to see more chia seeds in there as they are a fab source of protein, fibre, and omega 3.  However, chia seeds are also very expensive, which makes me think that maybe the Nudie people saved some moola by putting only a very few in there, but were still able to say on the packing that it contains chia seeds.  Sneaky sneaky.

-it has the appearance and consistency of vomit.  Hard to ignore as you’re chugging it down.


Would I buy it again?  Nope.  The vomit thing is what pulls me in the no direction.  However, I’d be willing to see if this company makes any other flavors of smoothies and give them a go.


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