Pregnancy Update – 34 Weeks

Hey Guys, I just realized it’s been 7 weeks since the last official Beach Baby pregnancy update, so it’s high time I fill you in on what’s happened between then and now.  First, a pic from last week:

Busy & Fit @ 33 weeks pregnant

33 Weeks

Generally, things are still going super well… the baby is moving around TONS, and responds especially well to Andrew’s voice, guitar, and singing, which of course Andrew is thrilled about 🙂

I’m finally feeling more “pregnant”… the way I thought I’d feel all along: big, round, and bumpy.  The first half of my pregnancy when I wasn’t really showing much, I wondered if everything was alright in there… if there was actually a baby growing inside me, but now I definitely don’t doubt it.

Here are a few more details:


The Symptoms:

No matter how well a pregnancy is going, I guess there will always be a few “side effects.”  Recently mine have included getting up about 3 times a night to go to the loo, insomnia, puffy cheeks, and heartburn.

With the heartburn, a very smart friend of mine on Facebook suggested a little trick of drinking the juice of half a fresh-squeezed lemon (mixed with water) 20 minutes before eating breakfast.  I totally doubted her at first, since lemon juice is acidic, just like the lovely acid rising from my stomach to my throat, putting me in pain.  How could one type of acid possibly cancel out another?

I looked at my other options first, which included milk (hate it), health food store remedies (didn’t work), and ant-acids (didn’t want un-natural stuff in my body), and finally decided to give the lemon juice a shot, and to my surprise, it totally worked.  Not 100%, but probably 80-90%.  And I knew it wasn’t just a coincidence, because a couple times I forgot to drink it in the morning, and suffered badly that same night.

So there you have it… the lemon juice trick to solving pregnancy heartburn.

That’s about it for symptoms… thankfully there are no signs of cankles just yet, and my rings still fit.  🙂


The Baby Shower

baby shower diaper game

The finished product: suspender-style diapers

A couple weeks ago, our good friends Monica and Graeme put on a super sweet Beach Baby-themed shower for us beside the pool and palm trees of their place.  The love and effort they put into the afternoon was amazing, and we were so thankful for everyone’s generosity.

Of course with every shower comes a few games, and this was no exception.  I think the best one was the “create a diaper” game… Andrew and I were each the “model” for a team, who had to wrap us in toilet paper to create a diaper.  Needless to say, it was a teensy bit awkward repeatedly spreading our legs for our friends to pass a roll of toilet paper between, but at the same time it was a super good laugh…

… and somehow we both ended up with suspender-style diapers 🙂

There was also the “taste the baby food and guess which flavour” game, and another clever one where we had to match baby names with their country of origin, which is a lot harder than it sounds.

At the end of each game, the winner got a prize that they had to hand over to us… so more presents for the baby – yay.


The Stroller

Ahhh, the stroller.  Who knew it would be like shopping for a new car?  But I kid you not, there are a LOT of features to consider, none of which I had any CLUE about even a few months ago.

Phil & Teds Vibe stroller

This is the one we ended up getting – the Phil & Teds Vibe stroller

I never used to notice these things, but now, I could pretty much walk down the street and tell you the name-brand and style of any stroller that passes by.

A couple weeks ago I set myself the goal of purchasing a stroller by the end of the school holidays, since after that I’ll be working another six weeks, and then the baby will be born.  This was pretty much my last chance to put some thorough thought and research into it before the clock really started ticking.

Another thing is that I really wanted to buy it second-hand, since these contraptions can run well over $1000 when bought new (once you add in all the attachments, etc that you need/want).  So that threw another wrench into things as I was scouring websites looking for the perfect product, and then driving all over creation examining them at people’s houses, only to not really love any of them.

Then, to make things even a little more crazy, I posted a simple question on Facebook about which stroller to get (already having a pretty good idea in mind, but just wanting to double-check with people in-the-know).  I thought one or two people might reply, but the response was huge and probably left me with more questions than answers.

The overwhelming majority of my friends said to go with the BOB Revolution over the Phil & Teds.  So off I went to the baby store to test-drive some of these lean machines, and the people were right, the BOB is amazing.  It turns on a dime, has incredible suspension for running, and looks pretty sleek.

However, the BOB didn’t have some of the major features I was after (that the Phil & Teds did had), most importantly, the ability to attach a second seat for another child/baby (since we’re thinking of having two kids within not too long of each other), and thereby not having to buy another stroller when #2 comes along.

Also, the BOB is soooo expensive, and although I understand that a stroller is an investment in your lifestyle, it was looking like it was going to cost us about twice as much to do the BOB thing, especially since I could not find a single BOB for sale second-hand.  Weird, I know, but true.

So in the end it was looking more like a Phil & Teds, which is still good for keeping fit, but just not to the extreme running level that the BOB would offer.  So the search continued, and in the end we were able to pick up a second-hand Phil & Teds Vibe stroller that came with pretty much every attachment I was after and more: a second seat, a baby carseat/capsule that clips into the stroller and car, seat liners, a travel bag for taking the stroller on airplanes, a little carry-bed that fits into the stroller, covers for both sun and rain, and a base to make the second seat into a baby bouncy chair.

All of this for less than a third of what the chick paid for it all new, plus it’s only been used for a short while.  I was sooo happy with the purchase, and totally feel like taking the stroller for a bunch of test-drives along the beach, but am thinking that might look a little strange without there actually being a baby inside.  We’ll see… 😉

(ps- fun fact: Here in Australia they call a stroller a “pram,” which in my mind is an old British word for the same thing, so I just kept using the word stroller.  However, a “stroller” here refers to one of those cheapy umbrella strollers that you can get from Kmart for $20, so I’m having to shift my vocabulary a bit here to be understood.)


The Fitness Regimen

Pregnancy Fitness Lunges

Poolside Lunges

To be perfectly honest, the fitness side of things is slowing down a bit for me.  It seems the bigger I get, the more tired and less motivated I am.

That being said, I know I can’t quit altogether, so I’m trying to incorporate fitness into my life as much as possible, but not necessarily in the form of long workouts.

I try to sneak it in, so for example, doing squats and butt kicks while I brush my teeth, lifting some weights in between cooking dinner, doing lunges on our balcony while I wait for Andrew (if we’re going out and I’m ready first), and most recently, poolside exercises.

Now that the weather is getting a bit toastier again, the pool is the perfect place to work out, because when I get hot, I can jump in for a quick cool-off.  Plus, doing all the moves on the edge of the pool encourages good form and balance, because if I lose it, I’m in the drink 🙂

The fence behind me (in the picture) is also good for holding onto to do standing wall push-ups and butt kicks.

I wonder what the neighbors must think when they look out their windows… but whatever, in the end I don’t really care that much.

So there you have it… the full update on the pregnancy so far.  Only about six weeks to go now until Andrew and I are parents… so exciting.  Totally can’t wait.


5 Responses to Pregnancy Update – 34 Weeks

  • caroline says:

    WOW! don’t even know what to say. By 34 weeks with my 1st preg, I was sitting on the couch, complaining about my back pain- exercise never even crossed my mind. My 2nd preg- my dad died when I was 6 months prego— so that was a total right off. Couldn’t tell you any details about that preg. Glad Olivia made it out safe! You are in inspiration miss C. Good for you. One day you will inspire me so much, I will make it to exercise. (Doing weight lifting while making dinner…. really?!? That’s dedication… and you have the outcome to prove it. You are looking great… hawt as always!! 😉
    Are you coming back to Canada for Christmas again? I remember what a fantastic Christmas you had last year. I was living so vicariously through you! Are we going to have the same Christmas again this year?!? lol

    • admin says:

      Hey Caroline, great to hear from you. Can’t believe we didn’t get to actually see each other while I was in Canada last Christmas- would have been a blast. No, we aren’t coming back this Christmas as we aim for roughly every other year, plus I’ll have just had a baby a month ago this Christmas, so might not feel like braving the 17-hour plane ride 🙂
      Yes, I bet one of these days you are gonna get super inspired by someone/thing to get that exercise going, and you’re gonna look GREAT 🙂

  • EB says:

    How about going on a test drive with a doll inside. No one will know! Unless they stop to check out the cute baby in the “pram”! 🙂
    Fun update – keep them coming, mama!

    • admin says:

      Good idea, Esther… maybe I’ll try that. I have to borrow a doll this week anyways to take along to the prenatal class… maybe I’ll push the doll all the way to the class in the stroller, just for extra practice. 🙂

  • Miley says:

    Great review Esther! I think i will try this out. I love double strollers.

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