Pregnancy Exercises for Arms & Upper Body

So I promised to start posting some pregnancy exercises / workout videos a few weeks ago… and have finally gotten around to filming the first one, which is for your arms and upper body.  Stay tuned for the next videos on Legs, Butt, and Lower Body, Core Workouts for Pregnancy, and Total Body Workouts.

By the way, these videos will be good for you even if you’re not pregnant since they’re pretty low-impact.  If you’re looking for more of a sweat/challenge (because you’re not pregnant), check out my previous videos free workout videos.



As always, make sure you’ve got clearance from your doctor before exercising while pregnant, and if something doesn’t “feel right,” stop immediately.  For me it’s sometimes a tightness or “pulling” kind of feeling in my uterus/abdomen when I’m engaging my core too much.  This is my sign to stop, but yours might be something different, so remember listen to your body.

Also, remember that pregnancy is not a time to get super fit.  You should definitely keep exercising and make healthy choices, but don’t be signing up for the next marathon or Cross Fit competition.  Put your baby first.

Here are the pregnancy exercises in today’s video.  Do each exercise 12x, and go thru the list 3x in total.  Watch the video for the correct form.

1) bicep curls (with weights)
2) arm T-raises (lateral raises)
3) tricep extensions (bent over, and pushing back behind you)
4) bent over row with overhand grip (not underhand)
5) push-ups (and then on your knees later on in pregnancy so you don’t bump your bump), or using the Equalizer
6) triceps dips off of floor, chair or Equalizer

Lebert Equalizer

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