Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headphones Review

Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth HeadphonesI bought these Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headphones for when I’m working out at home since I love listening to podcasts, but sadly my husband Andrew doesn’t share this love when he’s busy studying for his masters over in the next room.  We live in a small apartment, so there’s really no place to “get away” for either of us if we want quiet.

So as not to disturb him, I decided that some bluetooth headphones would be the best way to go.  After doing heaps of research, trying on various options at the store, and asking around for suggestions, my friend Ash recommended these Jaybird bluetooth headphones.  So I bought them off Amazon.  Here’s what I think:



-great sound quality, and the volume is easy to adjust

-you can take calls on them if they’re hooked up to your phone (well, most phones apparently)

-lightweight, sweatproof, and don’t look too dorky like those honkin’ air-traffic-controller-sized headphones

-the cord going connecting the left and right headphones goes behind your neck, so never gets in your way if you’re lifting weights, doing burpees, etc

-they come with 3 sizes of ear attachments for different sized ears (which means if you have 2 differently sized ears, you’re in luck 😉  )

-comfortable to wear- they don’t rub or chaff


trying on the Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headphones

Here’s how they insert into your ear.


-the absolute biggest, deal-breaking con for me is that they don’t stay in my ears properly, despite trying every single attachment, and combination of them.  It’s really annoying to have to pause your workout over and over to fiddle around with putting your headphones back in your ear.

-they took ages to arrive, which is probably more Amazon’s fault than Jaybird’s.  After buying them, they didn’t even ship from Amazon for another 9 weeks.  Then by the time they shipped them over to Australia, the return-by date was almost up, which means that I didn’t have enough time to properly try them out and return them once I realized that they don’t stay in my ears.

-they cost about $80, plus $20 shipping.  I don’t mind doling out cash for good quality products, and these do seem to be good quality, but the ear thing can’t be overlooked

-although they charge easily by USB, the charging cable is a bit fiddly to insert and looks exactly like the cable connecting the left and right headphones, so things can get a bit tangled and confusing.  No big deal-breaker, but probably something for Jaybird to improve on in the next model.


Would I buy them again or recommend them to you?  No way.  Although they work great for some people (see the reviews on Amazon), don’t waste your money on taking the chance that these might not stay put in your ears, unless you think you can return them quickly and get your money back if they don’t fit.


For a more detailed demo, watch this YouTube video that I’ve filmed for you:

ps- watch out for the freaky noise at 3:20… I was getting a text from my friend Bec


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