Healthy Work Lunch

You know how it is…  you rush out the door to work in the morning without packing a lunch, which leads to you buying crap in the caf, or worse, buying your lunch from a vending machine.  Of course this sucks if you’re trying to lose or maintain your weight and fitness.

The answer, my friend, is to be prepared… to think ahead.  You’ve heard it said that “your body is made in the kitchen,” and it’s true.  You can’t expect to work out but then eat whatever you want, and still look amazing.

So… here’s what I’ve found to work the best… pack a lunch full of little things that will keep you going throughout the day.  Remember that it’s best to eat small meals every 2-3 hours instead of eating three massive meals.  Here’s what my typical healthy work lunch looks like:


healthy work lunch

eating every 2-3 hours keeps you fresh throughout the day


10 am (ps, I eat breakfast at 7 am)

1. two 3-ingredients healthy cookies

2. small container of raisins, pecans, and almonds

1 pm (lunch)

3. half a wholewheat English muffin topped with a mixture of boiled eggs, avocado, and greek yogurt, as well as two small slices of baked yam/sweet potato

4. small container of celery (we wash and cut up a whole huge bunch for the week at once)

3:30 pm

5. peach (if they’re not in season I have an apple, orange, or banana)

6. one small piece of my full flavoured healthy banana bread. (I only have this if I’m staying at work late; if not, it’s just the peach)


I take pretty much this same exact lunch to work every day.  The only thing that really changes is the main meal (#3 above) as it’s usually leftovers from the night before’s dinner.  I make enough for lunch the next day, and you can see some of these recipes at clean dinner recipes and clean lunch recipes.

The good thing about packing a lunch like this is 1) you won’t be hungry, and 2) even if you’re tempted to eat more, you’ve only brought a certain amount along, so you can’t.  This is the reason I don’t haul my whole bag of nuts along to work… I can’t control myself to eat only seven almonds 🙂

What do you like to take along for lunch?  Post it in the comments below.  🙂



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  • Joana says:

    Nice ,Corinna. It´s good to eat smaller portions lots of times a day. I usually have a juice in the afternoon made with celery and lemon/lime (the green one) it´s so good and refreshing. Joana

  • admin says:

    Ha ha, Jo, the green one is called the lime. Sounds like a yummy juice.

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