Easy Workouts 2

Ready for one of the best workout videos out there?  Well today it’s time for another easy beginner workout video, so if you’re just getting started, this one’s for you.

Today’s workout is only 11 minutes long and you’ll need to set your timer to 14 rounds of 30 seconds of work, and 15 seconds of rest.  We’ll be targeting your bum bum, your abs, and your arms- no more bingo arm jiggles – yay 😉

Remember to push really hard since you’re only going for 11 minutes- gotta make it worth your while.  Watch the video below, and then smash it out.

Twice through these 7 exercises, 30 seconds on, 15 seconds off:

1. 10 high knees running, 1 high jump into air (to get you warmed up and into it)

2. push-ups from knees (use a fit ball or bosu ball if you have bad shoulders… start on stomach)

3. prisoner jump squats- hands behind head

4. Pilates Crunches: lie on back, bring feet close to bum as possible, hands behind head, chin up, keep looking up as you come up. Feel burn in lower abs.

5. lateral and front raises using weights (or cans of soup).  Alternate between the 2 exercises

6. weight swings- use your hips to thrust forwards

7. Horizontal Jacks: plank position, jump feet in and out


Let me know how you did in the comments below.

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