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Hello Hellooooo,

If you’re just getting into fitness, working out, and all that good stuff, here’s an easy workout video you can follow along with, right in the comfort of your home, using absolutely no equipment at all.  It’s only 11 minutes long, (well 10.5 minutes if you want to be exact), so you have no excuses- get that bum bum off the couch, and let’s go.

Before we start, you need to set your interval timer to 14 rounds of 30 seconds on, and 15 seconds off.  You can either buy something like a GymBoss timer, or you can just do what I did and get a free app on your phone that does the same thing.  Mine is called Round Timer, and I’ll show you how to set it up in this video.

Make sure that you’ve done some warming up, and then follow along with the workout video below:  You’re going to be doing the following 7 exercises twice thru, so 14 exercises altogether.


30 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest for 14 Rounds (twice thru)

1.  Step forward lunges (make it harder by doing lunge jumps)

2.  T push ups on knees (make it harder by going up on your toes instead of knees)

3.  Woodchops (make it harder by holding a small weight)

4.  Squats (make it harder by doing squat jumps)

5.  Triceps dips on floor (make it harder by doing it off a chair)

6.  V sit-ups (make it easier by resting feet on the ground)

7.  High-knee running (if you don’t have a skipping rope, just do high-knee running on the spot)

That’s it.  Easy workout DONE.  Push yourself hard to get as many reps into each 30 seconds as possible.  Let me know how you do in the comments 🙂


ps- sorry I filmed this in up-and-down view… the rest will be the other way.


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