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Lululemon Haul & Product Review

It’s a good day when the Hubs releases you from all wifely & motherly duties for an entire day of shopping in the city.

Actually, this was my request for my birthday present.  Or Mother’s Day present.  Not quite sure, since the two events are mere days apart.

Anyways, suffice it to say that I set out with a generous collection of birthday cash from my parents, in-laws, and Oma, and was stoked to go as fast or slow as wanted for the day, and try on as many things as possible.  After all, this isn’t gonna happen again anytime soon, so go big or go home, right?  Or both.

After cruising up 4th Ave (in Vancouver), I wound up at my fav Lululemon store.  After trying on half the store, here’s what I decided on, and a few thoughts on each item:

Align Pant II in black: since I’ve had my one pair of black Wunder Unders for 7 years (yes, SEVEN years), and have worn them almost every day and through two pregnancies, they are getting a tad worn, so it was time for an update.

I would never have gone for the high-waisted Align Pants online, but trying them on in person was a different story. They are buttery-soft, not too thick or thin, and 7/8 length makes for a great experience.  I find that even with regular-length Lulu pants, I still have to get them hemmed as they’re a tiny bit too long.  Although hemming is a free Lulu service, pick-up is tricky as I don’t live anywhere near a Lulu store.

Extra bonus: the high waist pulls in my little bit of leftover mummy tummy.  Gotta love that feature.

Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew in dark forest green:  this was a no-brainer since I already have a few of these in other colours. This season seems to be more block colours, and less heathered shades, like last year.
Fits just right, and is great for a bottom layer, or over a tank.  (The tank pictured below the Swiftly (above) is one that I already owned: the Cool Racerback in “boom juice” from last year, which I love).

Love Tank in dark forest green:  similar to the Cool Racerback both in length and feel.  Three difference are that it’s much looser, made of pima cotton (not Luon), and the racerback part on the back is wider on the Love Tank.  Love it.

And saving the very best for last…

More Than Modal hoodie in black:  this was SO not on my shopping horizon, and I actually didn’t even find this on the floor, but I asked the guest educator to bring me all the nice sweaters she could find (during my 1-hour fitting room time… I’m not even joking), and this was one of the ones she brought me.

I also don’t usually do black on top, but I sort of fell in love at first touch.  It is SO soft.  It’s also nice and lightweight, especially in relation to my much heavier Lulu Scuba Hoodie, which is perfect for winter, but not as much for spring.

Sorry to say, but the More Than Modal is sold out both online and in all stores in Canada.  Here’s hoping there are more in the works.

Thanks again, Lululemon, for a great in-store experience.

Health Related Fitness – Welcome


My name is Corinna and I’m a Personal Trainer on the Sunshine Coast of Australia.  I want to help you get fit, healthy, and feeling way better than you do right now.  How do you do that?  Thru eating the right foods (which is called eating clean), and working out.

Now, you don’t need to be running marathons or anything like that to help you get in shape.  All it takes is about 15 minutes a day of interval training, and I’ll be showing you how to do that here on this site.

The best part is you can do it right from home… no need to be spending the big bucks at the gym.

So excited to get started and help you get back into those skinny jeans.  😉



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