Intermediate Workouts

Not a beginner, but not ready for advanced workouts yet? Try these free intermediate workout videos.

Work Out Video

This weekend our town is filled to the brim with ultra-sporty people competing in the annual Mooloolaba Triathlon.  The energy out there is absolutely electric, and it’s such an inspiration to keep working your tail off and hopefully one day look one tenth as good as they do.  🙂

For the rest of us, however, here’s a short but effective work out video to put some energy into your weekend.  This one’s a “medium” workout, so if you’re an Olympic triathlete it may be too easy, but if you’re a total beginner it might be a bit too much.  If you’re somewhere in the middle, however, this puppy’s for you.

Directions below.  Write down how many you did each round and put your results in the comments below.



Make sure you’ve warmed up and stretched before starting.  Set your Gymboss Interval Timer or iPhone app to 16 rounds of 40 seconds on, 10 off (twice thru).


8 exercises (twice thru so you do it 16 times in total):

tbe: Lateral Jump (jump over to one side) 3 Body Squats

arms: Plank to Push up: lie on stomach, then get up to elbow-plank, then up to full plank on hands and toes.  Do one push up, then go back to plank, then back to lying on stomach

legs/butt: Single Leg Squat Left Leg: hold a weight in each hand, put your L toe up on a chair behind you, do lunges,   keep your weight in the heels, shoulders back, get down as far as you can.  10x each leg, then switch.

abs: wood chops

arms: tricep dips on chair (or off floor if you haven’t got a chair)

legs/butt: Back Lunge With Kick: weight in hands, lunge back and kick that same leg forward.  Get down as far as you can go to get a 90 degree knee angle.  Focus on one point in front of you to keep balance.  10x each leg, then switch.

abs: scissors

tbe: high-knees skipping (if you don’t have a skipping rope, just do high-knees)


by the way, tbe = total body exercise