Advanced Work Out Video


Keen for a work out video that’s more advanced than the easy workout I posted a couple days ago?  Here you go then… watch the video to learn the moves, and set your interval timer to 20 rounds of 50 seconds work and 10 seconds rest.  It’ll be a total of 20 minutes workout… no excuses 🙂



Work out video breakdown:

1. Burpees with tuck jumps

2. 5 Horizontal Jacks, 2 squat jumps

3. V-roll abs

4. Plank to Push up

5. 10 Mt. Climbers, Clean & Press, Squat & Press

6. 5 Split Lunge Jumps, then jump over weight or mat in middle and repeat

7. Boat Rockers: sit in a V with feet off ground.  Can do bicycle legs to make it harder

8. Get-ups

9. 10 Touchdowns Shuffles, 2 tuck jumps

10. Skipping with high knees, fast as you can


Work your tail off, and let me know how you did in the comments 🙂


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