Adidas Energy Boost Running Shoes product review

Although I love the look of Nikes, I’ve always been an Adidas kind of girl… they just seem to fit my feet better, so I’ve run in pair after pair for the past 12 years or so.  In the past couple years my Adidas styles of choice have been the softer Response shoes, and the Kanadia trail running shoes because they’re so nice and grippy on the bottom, but since I started teaching PE again, I needed another pair to switch things up a little.

Adidas Energy Boost shoes

Off for a run, complete with my Running Room socks from Vancouver

I started shopping with the intention of buying another pair of Adidas Response shoes to take the pressure off being on my feet all day, but the savvy sales rep at Rebel Sport up-sold me to the brand-new Adidas Energy Boost shoes that had just come in a few days ago.

She made all these sales-pitchy claims like that the white part on the bottom is made of little foam-filled balls that push energy back into your knees with every step you take, yada yada yada, so I decided to leave them at the store, go home, and do a little research before parting with my moola.

After looking them up online and listening to the sales videos on the Adidas website plus other un-biased review sites, I still couldn’t decide if they were worth the cash, or if it was just all marketing hype, so I decided to give them a go, especially since the chick at Rebel Sport had told me I could return them after a 28-day trial, even if I’d totally trashed them while trying them out.  Sold.

Well, I didn’t end up returning them after the 28 days because I really did love them.  I’m still not sure about all their marketing claims, but I do notice quite a difference in cushioning between these and my Kanadias.

Plus it’s nice to have options and not wear the same shoes every single day, which is strange for me since usually I’m a bit of a minimalist and like to make do with one of everything in life until it wears out and then I get a new one.  Boring, I know, but that’s how I roll, and what I believe.

The only thing I’ve found “wrong” with them is that they’re not very waterproof, so if you’re running/walking in the rain, they’ll probably soak through on the top part of your foot.  I read this on another review site before buying them, so I made sure to buy some water-repellent spray when I bought them and gave them a good spray straight out of the box.  They’re still not the greatest in the rain, so I just wear my Kanadias on wet days… problem solved.  Too easy.

Hope that helps shed some light on things if you’re considering buying the Adidas Energy Boost shoes.



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