Corinna of Busy and Fit

Hi There,

My name is Corinna, and I run Busy and Fit, which is both a website and a real live personal training business.

My husband, Andrew and I are both Canadians from Vancouver (go Canucks!), but escaped the dreary, disgusting, bitterly endless rain to come live on the gorgeous Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.  We are MUCH happier here.  You just can’t beat opening your curtains in the morning to a full-on ocean-view bathed in warm sunlight.  🙂

So while I love snowboarding, ice skating, sledding, and Tim Horton’s- …surfing and chilling out by the pool have definitely won out.

But no one likes to lounge by the beach looking like a giant fatso, do they?

This is why I’ve started Busy and Fit… to help you get your booty in shape and stay that way.  Anyone can go on some crazy crash diet and look great after 6 weeks, but usually the lard comes piling back on before long.

You have to do something that’s sustainable… something that you can keep up with month after month, year after year.  Going to the gym for 4 hours a day and living off crackers and water is not sustainable.  So what is?

Glad you asked.  Experts say that “your body is made in the kitchen,” …that it’s 80% diet and 20% exercise.  Whatever the percentages really are, the point is that if you want to get and keep a rocking body, you have to eat the right stuff.  It’s called clean eating, and it basically means not eating processed, unhealthy junk.  (Don’t worry, you can still have a cheat day here and there.)

The other part, of course, is exercise.

Corinna doing a push upI used to run half marathons and get up at 5am every day to practice with my rowing team… all of that was fun and good, but since then I’ve found that you can get the best results by doing high intensity interval training, which I’m totally into now.  It’s pretty intense, but the good news is that you get it done and over with in less than 20 minutes (and that includes your shower if you’re fast 😉  ).

So that’s what I’m passionate about doing with you… working out and eating right so that your arms no longer jiggle like bingo arms, your butt stays in one place when you jump up and down, and your leg muscles have the definition of a race horse.

Doing this face-to-face by hiring me for personal training or working out at my BeachFit classes would be the absolute best way for you to achieve your steamin’ new body.

But if you haven’t got the moola or don’t live on the Sunshine Coast, you’re not off the hook… you’ve still got options, my friend: I would highly recommend that you do my free workout videos, read these useful clean eating tips, and browse through some excellent clean eating recipes.

Finally, if you want to train live from anywhere in the world, check out my webcam classes on PowHow. As long as you have the internet and a webcam, you’re good to go.  “Too easy,” as they say here in Oz.

Can’t wait to train you,



Not enough, you say?  Here are a few very random things about me, in case you really wanted to know:

1. The gap between my two front teeth is big enough to fit a grain of rice (the up-and-down way)… wish it weren’t so.

2. I have 4 piercings on my body- all above my chin.

3. A couple years ago, while surfing in Morocco, I fell, the board went up in the air and came down on my head. The fin part cut my scalp to the skull. It was a mess. I had to go (with no cash) to a dodgy clinic where they stitched me up. It was the ONLY time I’ve ever traveled without travel insurance, and the only time something freaky like that has happened.

4. I am anally organized about some things (eg- my travels and the classes I teach), and super play-it-by-ear about others (eg- weekend plans). I know myself well enough to know the difference of when to be which one.

5. I wander while brushing my teeth… always trying to get other stuff done at the same time.

6. I wear this super-sexy mouthguard to bed every night. If I don’t, my dentist said my teeth’ll be just little stumps in a couple years; that’s how badly I grind my teeth in my sleep apparently.

7. My only time in the back of a cop car was during a youth-group event when I was about 16. The “car-rally” game was this: groups drive around in cars and find the best places to take pictures sitting in lawn chairs. I decided to lead my group up the big lit-up billboards on a main road (I guess we trespassed) and take pics with the lawn chairs up on the little ledge. A cop was driving by, saw us, and shut us down. Luckily she had enough humor to toss the lawn chairs in the back of the cop car with us, and took a pic. Our group won the game, hands down!

8. We used to live in China, and this one time Andrew and I threw my stinky Chinese slippers off the balcony of our 9th floor apartment (one each). Our goal was to see if we could land them on the neighboring building’s roof, which is lower than our building. It was further than we thought and neither slipper made it. We found one in the alley the next day and the other one in our building’s lost and found bin (although we were way too embarrassed to claim it… not that we wanted it anyways… obviously.)

9. I keep an Air Canada pukey bag in my purse at ALL times. I get motion sickness so badly that I need them on hand for taxi, bus, train-rides, etc

10. I’ve run 5 half marathons, but will never do a full one. I need my knees!

11. I’ve had 9 different addresses in the past 9 years (4 in Canada, 1 in England, 2 in China, and 2 in Australia). I’m “super hobo.”

12. My Chinese name is Nie Gu Lin, which means Song Forest.

14. My right armpit hair grows faster than my left armpit hair.

16. I’d love to have a chin-up bar in my house one day.

17. I spoke only German until I went to Kindergarten. I don’t remember ever “learning English”… it just sorta happened. I wish I could do that with Chinese now.

18. I own only one pair of flip-flops. I wear them until they are paper-thin on the bottom (usually about 2-3 years), then toss ’em and get a new pair

19. I never drink coffee… well sometimes I do, but it’s gotta be decaf otherwise I’ve got dancing till 3am on my agenda.

20. A few years ago I had my first cavity filled. It was a rather traumatic experience for some reason (I just freaked out- the dentist was great). When I got up off the chair at the end of it all, I fainted, hit my head on the counter, and had to stay an extra hour to “sleep it off”. The dentist suggested I bring a buddy next time, which I did

21. I don’t like dogs… they always tend to zero in on my crotch and give it a good lick and sniff… not a fan.  Can you blame me?

22. I’ve never been in the hospital (as a patient).

23. In grade 3 I thought it was really cool to spell my name backwards and wanted to go by that name (“Annie-rock”). I even spelled it like that while taking books out of the library, etc. It didn’t last long as the trend never really caught on for some reason.

24. I’m left-handed when I write, but right-handed when I do most other things.

25. I NEED to work out. If I haven’t worked out in a couple days, I start getting crabby. I’m like a dog that needs to be walked (but who doesn’t sniff or lick crotches).